Enchanting options

* 1) We have a Special with quantity discounts featuring our most popular and versatile Enchanted Wrap.

* 2) You can watch our Enchanted Wrap Instructional Video on You Tube, showing our 12 favorite ways to wear it, anytime! You can simply google the name Enchanted Wrap, or click on this link to watch the video

* 3) You can order from our 48 color Enchanted Wrap Chart. (Click to enlarge)

For those of you who love their Enchanted Wraps, the special is a great opportunity to stock up on more colors at our discounted rates. And the quantity discount will be applied for any combination of light and heavy weight wraps.

If you are looking for an interesting gift, the Enchanted Wrap is perfect one, since each gets sent with its own instructional DVD. Even if someone only wants to wear it in a couple of ways, it’s great to have all the options.

To make the best of the quantity discounts, you might like to get together with your friends and place a group order. The offer is valid for any orders placed before the end of December.





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