The Enchanted Wrap 

My Story:

I was looking for a perfect travel companion, a clothing item that would help me travel light, provide a little extra warmth while adding even to my most beautiful silk dresses. My dream was for it to be pretty, practical, versatile and comfortable, all in one.

The Enchanted Wrap – my dream come true

I fell in love with the fabric first. Stretchy and gauzy, made from rayon, which is wood pulp, it is soft, comfortable, breathable and cozy. Once I had come up with the most versatile style possible, I started experimenting with it and kept finding ever more ways to wear it. Eventually I made an instructional video featuring the main 12 ways to wear it. Since then, I have found even more ways to wear it and my next video will feature 22 fabulous ways.

Soon the Enchanted Wrap became the one thing I would never leave my home without. It seemed that regardless of how I fixed or draped them, they would stay in place and add to the beauty of any outfit.

I love getting compliments all day, while feeling at home everywhere. I can wear them for a special occasion like a wedding as well as daily, even to the beach.

The Enchanted Wraps  are light and easy to pack and ready to look stunning in. Even worn single layered, they provide natural sun protection thereby replacing the need for sunscreen. If you feel too hot, you can use them like a natural air-conditioning by using a spray bottle with water which will help you cool down comfortably.

If you want them for warmth you can add an additional layer by spreading the scarf piece out. You can even layer a second wrap in a compatible color for up to 5 times the warmth.

I began to notice that every woman thrives in specific colors which match her skin-tone and complexion and which are entirely unique to her. By providing 50 colors to choose from, it is my joy to be able to contribute to enhancing every woman’s unique, natural beauty.

Satya Christiane Douglas

Enchanted Wraps

* make a perfect travel companion because they are
pretty, practical, versatile and comfortable
* come in 50 colors to match any skin-tone and outfit
* are extremely versatile by offering at least 12 ways to wear them featured in the instructional video
* come in two lengths for every body type
* are made out of rayon, which is wood pulp and are soft, comfortable, breathable and cozy
* are lightweight while adding warmth where needed
* add an elegant and feminine touch to any outfit
* give you one or more layers of warmth while matching your favorite and adding to any outfit
* don’t wrinkle: you can stuff them in your purse, use them as a pillow or a blanket on a plane and they come out looking perfect when you are ready to wear them
* are practical because they don’t slip off like shawls tend to and however you fix or drape them that is where they stay because the fabric clings to itself
* can be beautifully layered with a second wrap in a compatible color to add additional warmth and variety
* are machine washable in a garment bag (for details see the 12 ways to wear Instructional video)

Many of us feel that we can never have too many Enchanted Wraps: It can be nice to have one or two in a versatile color that can go with everything, one that can add to the beauty of a favorite dress by exactly matching it, having a bright color can add a splash of aliveness, while some might like to add the latest fashion color to their collection. Traveling with several can help us travel extra light and can come in handy as we can even layer compatible colors for additional warmth and variety.

We honor our repeat customers by offering our $20 off Special to anyone who buys more than two Enchanted Wraps within one year of the initial purchase and we even give a $20 “forever discount” to those who buy 6 or more wraps within the first year.

Our Enchanted Wraps can be ordered in any of our 50 colors.  We usually have our twenty most popular colors in stock while the other thirty colors can be special ordered.

We recommend you send your phone number with your order and we will text you right away in case any of your favorite colors need pre-ordering.

Specialty Colors might take up to 2 months to receive from the time of placing the order.

If you have not received any reply to your order within three days,
please text Satya at 808-268-2898